Engine Reconditioners BOP

86B Riri St Rotorua New Zealand

Phone: 07 349 4212

Fax: 07 349 2368

Engine Reconditioning - Auto Machinists - Performance Engine Rebuilds

Long Block Completed

Short Blocks & Long Blocks

Cars, Vans, Utes, Trucks, Buses, Toyota

Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Isuzu, Mazda.

Machinery- Excavators, loaders, Bulldozers, Tractors,

Forklifts, Industrial, Diesel and Petrol Motors. Recondioning for Fleet Owners.

We also modify and rebuild engines for maximum HP and torque.

Crank Shaft Work


Grinding, Straightening and Polishing


Cylinder Blocks

Boring, Surfacing, Honing, Sleeving, Precision Machining., Clean and Strip Heads

Acid Clean, Re-bore, Surface hone.





Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads- Cast or Aluminium

Head straightening, Refacing, Stripping and Cleaning, Crack Testing, Vacuum testing.


Surface Heads, Refacing of Valves, Reface Valve Seats, Remove and Fit Guides, Lap Valves,

Clean and Strip Heads, Vacuum test and Assemble, Fit K-liners, Crack Test, Pressure test,

Remove and fit Valve Inserts, Fit Spark Plug Helicoils, Fit Frost Plugs, Porting Heads.