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Engine Reconditioning - Auto Machinists - Performance Engine Rebuilds

Reconz Racing Stockcar Class at international 240's Superstocks
Paradise Valley Speedway Rotorua January 14th and 15th 2011
Trophy night February 19th at Paradise Valley -
Reconz Racing has it's first Win.

We have worked on many stock cars in the top 10, so we can take you through the sound barrier or give you 200 miles per gallon,
whatever you want.
Besides cars, people bring us truck engines, forklifts, tractors, you name it, we do it. From lawnmower engines to a large Cummins diesel and everything in between.

Cylinder re-boring and re-ringing.
Stockcar winter time engine reconditioning.
Preventative maitenance on large truck engines.

From staff who know how the ins and outs of Japanese cars to others with extensive experience in crank grinding and machining. At Reconz we have specialists who know how to operate the specialist gear. We build Falcon XR6 engines running in stock car class. A lot of our engines have been in the top 10 of The National Events, The North Islands, The Mounts, South Island Grand Prix, and The Under 23's in Stratford. We build technical engines with stainless valves, 10 to 1 compression ratios and special pistons with blocks bored to suit and cams with 500 thou openings.
Reconz are also certified engine sealers.